Saturday Schedule

Time: 1:00pm

Cheryn Lyn and the Catalysts

Cheryn Lyn and The Catalysts is a 5-piece Dance/Party Band. They are known for their high energy and engaging dance music including many genres like R&B Classics, Pop-Rock Classics, Blues, Rockabilly & Country. Defined as ‘Super Classic Music’ including mash-ups with that tight authentic sound to keep you bopping just the way you remember from the music of the 50’s straight through to present day. 

Time: 2:30pm

cold shot

Cold Shot

Cold shot is a formidable power trio bringing you the music of the amazing Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Fronted by James Mann on guitar and vocals, Todd Larter on bass, and Mr. Joel Carrier locking it down on drums. Cold Shot authentically reproduces that Stevie Ray Vaughan magic and transports you back in time.

Time: 4:00pm

blues junkies

Blues Junkies are a high-energy three-piece Blues-Rock unit from Durham, Ontario, and have been performing in bars, clubs and festivals for over five years. Their material includes Eric Clapton, Collin James, Jimi Hendrix, Allman Brothers, and R&B. Mike Lyons is the guitarist and band leader, with Ron Hamilton on drums, and David Magid on bass.

Time: 5:30pm

The Nemoniks

The Nemoniks are from the Durham Region area and have been performing for nine years in clubs, festivals and fundraisers throughout the community. The Nemoniks are Steve Longauer on vocals and percussion, Chris Novak on drums; Brad Bryant on keyboards, Paul Lafontaine on bass; and John Novak on lead guitar.

Time: 7:00pm

The Fabulous Tonemasters

The Fabulous Tonemasters are Gerry Archer on guitar, JP Hovercraft on bass, Gord Girvan on keyboards, and the heartbeat of the band, Albert `Bert` Dobrini on drums. 

The Tonemasters have been performing for over fifteen years, but this newest iteration has certainly come into its own. Borrowing heavily from Gerry’s early influences, they have moulded a potent gumbo of funk, blues, and R&B that is very infectious. Add to that Gerry’s rabid quest for the ultimate guitar tones, you get an idea of what your in for.